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councillors are a special breed of people aren’t they

joy as rusty pillars sculpture is pulled down

Critics of the sculpture have welcomed the moved with Fine Gael councillor Mary Mitchell O’Connor saying it had been “creating a sense of decay” in the seaside town.

Situated close to the Victoria Fountain and Dun Laoghaire/ Rathdown County Hall, the six metre high structure was made from corten steel which has a very rusted look.

It was also a frequent target for graffiti artists and some council members have continually fought for its removal for this reason.

“Given its prominence within a key public realm in Dun Laoghaire the choice of corten steel for the sculpture was a curious one, creating a sense of decay and contrasting sharply with the town’s rich Venetian architecture.”

so they didn’t like the rusty look and then it was painted and the still didn’t like it, do these not realise they living in harbour town?

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