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Hey Alonso

I am with you on this – I live in this councils area – – 500 parking spaces, muppets. DL is a dying town, ask anybody who owns a shop there and any of the young people in the area what their views are on DL. One main problem is traffic and the lack of access to the centre, council still not able to decide on best approach. Now they are hell bent on completing the charging for parking around Dart stations leading to even less reason to go or visit there. Perhaps the council will control the 500 spots and use them as a means to generate revenue -again:mad:

Rant over -I like this proposal but have my doubts on how clean the water will be in the beach area, what about the rats who live along the pier?, also this area is prone to large waves coming in from the HSS.

Ciaran – I am sure I read that you said Sandycove is not Barcelona – – it never will be with your total lack of vision. For a few months of the year Barcelona has a superior climate to ours but that should be all. Dublin is in direct competion with cities such as Barcelona. Wake up!!

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