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@lostexpectation wrote:

because of it was rrb who let the thing rot of course alon (anything will do ) so,

you went on about this on and smuggly chided both sides you didn’t suggest how to break the deadlock, now you think you need a sean dunne, you think that’ll win you votes?

Well any reasonable reader of either site will conclude that my Sean Dunne comment may not have been entirely serious. Hence the almost ALMOST in the post

To break the deadlock you make a bloody decision, stick to it, and build the damn thing. The Dunne element of my comment is that the town requires the type of shock that Ballsbridge has received in order to drag it out of the malaise and stasis it has been let slip into in recent decades by Nimbyism and brutal leadership.

Dun laoghaire town, one of Ireland’s most prosperous, a gateway seaport with magnificent natural amenities on it’s doorstep and in the areas around, LOST population in the 02-06 period. No one can stand over that statistic with anything but shame. It’s not about winning votes. It’s about proper urban governance.

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