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@tjomeara wrote:

Not is not just a problem in Dublin, it is happening in towns all over the country at the moment

@j.seerski wrote:

within five minutes WALK, five (yes FIVE) Petrol Stations are closed and destined for redevelopment – no way particularly worth retaining, but a further example of the relentless march of the destruction

Garages and petrol stations are an endangered species. Margins are low in the fuel business and the costs are high (interest costs, insurance, EPA rules, etc.) In the Dublin area the return on capital employed is almost zero, so it makes financial sense to develop an apartment block on the site. In the countryside it is considerably worse. In the past the garages in most villages depend on a mix of car repairs, servicing, bodywork, and fuel sales for survival. Engines have become so sophisticated that the service interval has been greatly extended, most engines now require specialist computer plug-ins for diagnosis so that business is gone. Bodywork and repairs have also been affected due to the necessity of the NCT and the subsequent absence of older cars. Petrol sales are being heavily hit for e.g. in S. Kerry by Tesco who are selling petrol at cost. Result 1? Wife says “I’m taking car to Tesco to do shopping and will save price of trip due to low petrol costs and save on shopping also. ” Result 2? Local shops miss out, local petrol station closes due to competition. Result 3? Soon I will have to drive round-trip of 35 miles to buy a pint of milk or a can of petrol for my lawnmower. Even today I cannot get my car serviced within a 100 mile radius. So much for rural planning.

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