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Hi goneill & pico

Thanks for replies – I suspected as much – councils playing silly buggers again!

In my case, the house in question is a reugular bog standard bungalow sitting a field but with the gable/’short’ end facing the public road/laneway. The front door is midway down the ‘long’ side of the house but the door itself is actually facing the road as there is a small projecting porch midwway down the ‘long’ side.

What we want to do is add a completely legitimate, exempted extension, onto the opposite gable/’short’ end, i.e. the gable end not facing the public road/laneway, which technically, when looking from the road would be the back. We are not particularly inclined to go for a declaration but we may need to.

When the council were asked what is the definiation of front and back of a house, they said the back is where the back door is!!! Claer as mud as usual!!!

Any further thoughts or experiences would be great. Thanks

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