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@Graham Hickey wrote:

Anyway, just reading a brief interview with Christine Casey, author of ‘Dublin’, part of the ‘Buildings of Ireland’ series just published, she highlights apparently for the first time that the rebuilding of the drum of the Custom House in Ardbraccan limestone rather than Portland stone was as much down to political pressure as it was financial!

Where did you see the interview? She also said as much in an interview with Ryan Tubridy on the radio a few days ago. (I’d usually prefer to cut off my foot than listen to him, but CC was my thesis supervisor a few years ago so I made an exception. Her reaction to his stated love of Farmleigh was priceless- a model of diplomacy that didn’t quite hide her shock. He sounded awfully wounded too and made noises about how great the gardens were, what a great place it is for kids, etc.)

She’s the biz, and I’m delighted to see the book has finally appeared. It was in the pipeline since the late 1990s. Pity that it’s only Dublin within the canals though- it was originally meant to take in the whole city (and maybe county too?).

@Graham Hickey wrote:

Unusually shaped book too….

The reason is that it derives from Pevsner’s Buildings of England series, which was designed to fit into the glove compartment of a car for those sunday drives.:) Very much meant as a manageable field guide, and organised accordingly.

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