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@PVC King wrote:

One line says it all; you graduated the public were safe.

Why are you seeking to defame me by suggesting they were unsafe?
I’d start backpedaling now if I were you, because I’ve ignored this gross slander for long enough.

Name one other profession where that is the case. Lets talk about 1980’s regulation of off shore bank accounts; the bloke who went into NIB in Carrick on Shannon and opened the account with the address 1 Main Street London. Quality eh?

I wasn’t going to be drawn on how other professions operated because it would have been so easy to shut you down, but now that you’ve opened the Banking can of worms, what’s your point?

And I say again;

Did you look at the link I posted?

The subject is fire safety or the lack of it.
Look at the section on Shangan Hall Apartment Block
This is an apartment block adjoining the Ballymun Civic Office

The section starts at 38:46
The pass the parcel starts at 44:14
Developer, MRIAI, Fire Safety Consultant.

So much for assurances to the public based on automatic registration of MRIAI’s.


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