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@PVC King wrote:

There is no vitriol; I just can’t believe the arrogance of anyone who proposes a system based on getting a qualification in their 20’s and feeling they are above regulation for the rest of their lives.

I haven’t proposed anything, never mind “a system based on getting a qualification in their 20’s” – whatever that is supposed to be.

As for regulatio, as an architect, I have been regulated by the laws of the land since I undertook my first Real World design project.
This was before I qualified, because if you hold yourself out to be an architect, or someone who might be expected to exercise a particular level of skill and care, you will be judged at the standard you hold yourself to be, whatever you actually are.
It is this principle of law which has deterred unqualified people from setting up as architects over the years, and which continues to protect members of the public when such people make mistakes.
Just to nail your worship of regulation in a box, whether or not such persons are entitled to use the title is irrelevant – they will be judged and sentenced if found to have committed wrongdoing as if they were architects, if they claimed they were architects in the first place.

Can’t you see a way forward where the Registrar’s denial of people’s right to the title architect might concievably be used by them as a defence to cop a lesser plea and thereby avoid the full rigour of the law?
What price protection of the public when the perpetrator – who previously traded as an architect – escapes the full penalty because he was prevented fron using the title.
Its on such nicities of law as this that legal careers are made or founder.

For the record, I have pointed out that my qualification entitles to cal myself and archtiect throughout the EU and I have backed this up by citing both Directives and the relevant Statutory Instrument.
What have you done?
Falsely accused me of proposign something I didn’t propose!

I fully agree with the RIAI on this; you clearly don’t;

I have stated that I agree with Registration in this thread.
You’ve just accused me of beign disingenuous about this, never a good idea.
Long before this thread started I have posted my support for it on another thread on this forum.
Retract or support your comment.

no other profession has people outside a professional industry body which regulates the membership alloes people to claim that they are qualified in that profession.

You keep saying that I am claiming I am qualified.
The qualification is a given and was achieved nearly twenty years ago.
There is no doubt under heaven but that I am qualifed as an architect, in fact and in law.
Ergo, I am claiming nothing.

You mis-state my position – another not-so-good idea.

For reasons you won’t go into you simply decided not to join the industry body;

Again, you mis-state my position.

I gave specific reasons why I didnt join the RIAI at the time and your short term memory problem is becoming terminal.
I stated these reasons only yesterday.

that decision has finally caught up with you.

My, my, what a judgemental piece of work you are.
Twenty years providing a competent service to clients and somethings “caught up with me”.
Not a court case though, for I have never been sued, nor has any company or person I worked for been sued because of my work.
So I must be doing something right, in my own muddling, meandering, unregistered way.

I would welcome arrangements for assessment of non-members but assessment is required as a risk management to protect the public from people who have deteriorated professionally speaking from graduation which in some cases was decades ago.

You would welcome them, would you?
Who might you be, to welcome them at all.
You’ve continually dodged my question about your qualification.

You assume the worst of post-graduates, but you fail to see how this assumption might impinge on Members of the RIAI.

CPD only came in in recently – Practice notes were in long before that, and courses for those wealthy enough to be able to afford them.
There are thousands of MRIAI’s, according to the RIAI.
Did thousands of people attend the courses over the last twenty years?
Unless you know thsi for a fact, you are once more on making assumptions.

Architects of all kinds throughout this country have undertaken their own skills updates for dacades, despite what you might assume.
They weren’t waiting on the RIAI to set up extortionately priced courses to learn how to make a planning application or do a fire safety certificate.
I attended courses in Fire Safety and the Building Regulations all during the summer of 1992 and halped prepare one of the first Fire Certs lodged in Ireland later that year.
I’ve never been afraid to learn new things nor is any architect who has passed through a five year full time course.

Bet you still haven’t looked at that link, have you?


You don’t know what you’re missing!


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