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SOM Partnership in the United States had some old images on their web site. Obviously a scheme that was tried out at some stage, amongst several.

One of the images though, demonstrates the concept of the three towers working together, as you view down the river Liffey. Bear in mind, that the building in question, to be demolished shortly, was only one of the low level blocks, which would ‘nestle’ around the big Daddy of towering over them all.

But standing back from the issue of ‘high rise’ for a minute. As Dick Gleeson, James Pike and others pointed out recently in a forum: is a commonly made mistake, to confuse density with high rise. They are two distinct issues. It has been shown from examples around the world, that 6 storey development, is the most sustainable way to achieve good overall densities. Going for a grander tower element, is only about developers wanting to make statements. As you can see from the images below, there is only enough skyline to go around. You can see Carroll’s tower, Crosby’s tower and Bono’s tower. I suppose it did leave the question, where did Mr. Sean Dunne fit into the picture? I guess we now know the answer to that now!

Brian O’ Hanlon

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