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@lostexpectation wrote:

so the answer is you don’t know?

And will not even try to muddy the waters, by trying to speculate.

Basically, you could imagine a pretty dense, part extra high rise all commercial development. (Extra high rise as in 30 office block storeys) A series of commercial towers, with an extra height strong tower element on North Wall Quay. To echo that of McNamara/Crosby’s tower at the point, and that of U2 across the river.

Niall McCullough, Architect, that same evening back in May ’08 gave an interesting presentation of a scheme for a series of strategically located towers in the Digital Hub quarter. So the idea of multiple towers, seems like a useful overall urban strategy. Not to mention the fact, that every developer wants to be given at least one skyscraper on their land bank!

Bear in mind though, that DCC were forcefully attempting to CPO land required for the U2 tower from Carroll. Of course, not that it would come out in the RTE primetime report, in case, something like a full story might see the light. I have a transcript in preparation of John McLoughlin’s presentation of the project in preparation – it should be interesting to re-visit now.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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