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I notice from the Olivia Kelly article that Gormley’s taskforce for Dublin Bay, which is ‘mandated to deliver a master plan . . for the entire bay area from Howth Head to Dalkey’ is loaded down with local politcians, council officials and vested interests, everything from bird watching groups to the DDDA, but there’s no mention of any architectural input or even the inclusion of the odd urban planner.

This lot are going to ‘master plan’ Dublin Bay, our greatest single potential asset, and half of them probably can’t read a map!

Probably half the cities in the world have grown up on the banks of a river, another significant number developed at a harbour location on the coast and a further, much smaller number, are located on a geographically well defined bay. Dublin is singularly blessed with all three characteristics!

You’d have to put acres of container storage, or a sewage treatment plant, or a power station, or a waste incinerator in the middle of something like that to screw it up.

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