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Rory: I understand all of that, you explained it to me before, but everbody knows, including the dogs in the street, that shifting all, or most, of Dublin Port to Bremore is actively being considered. Gleeson mentioned it, Tierney has mentioned it, every newspaper article on the port mentions it, we are being prepared for this, but my point is:

Where’s the master plan?

How can you plan for the development of the Poolbeg peninsula when there’s no vision for the bay?

What’s the point in making wild life amenity orders for every mud flat from Sutton to Seapoint when this is exactly where the city needs to ‘front up’ to is greatest potential ammenity, Dublin Bay?

Central to all of this is a decision on the future of Dublin Port and instead of an open public debate, with all the options on the table, we’re being drip fed hints and rumours. Thanks to your posts, I now know more about the future plans of Drogheda Port than I do about Dublin Port! To be honest with you, before this I thought Drogheda Port harboured three trawlers and a coal boat!

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