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I can’t understand the anti private sector anti Treasury nonsense but in any event they have Shanghai and other experience and a look at Yangshan Port will show the possibilities of building out, naturally the scale of such an endeavourer in Ireland would be less but it would be worth considering. Treasury seems to me to have some ideas. The current port authority is not exactly creative. Move the cargo port out to sea, somewhere off Balbriggan or wherever, but connected to the Newbridge/M1 outer motorway and the Dublin / Belfast rail line.

Dublin is a grubby mid sized European city that misses out on the vision thing. The port area is over 600 acres in old money and if we did a Dubai or Barcelona with it would be perfect. Even if we went up 8 floors and built on 30% of the land we would have over 5 million square metres of net useable space, but this would be a crying shame. Personally I think the last boom and people buying abroad meant they tried high rised living and discovered it could be a quality lifestyle. I think it’s now time there was an international competition to design a living city quarter for between 50,000 and 100,000 people, it would raise the profile of the city and maybe we would even build it. Let us picture what we would do if we were contemplating an Olympic bid and just do it for ourselves, I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather do it for.

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