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Docklands authourity insists lands are safe
THE Dublin Docklands Development Authority has rejected a claim that waste contained in land earmarked for housing could pose a threat to human health.

However, a qualified physicist and engineer has raised serious concerns about the suitability the land intended for residential use.
Joe McCarthy, from Sandymount, claimed that the peninsula largely consists of reclaimed land that contains a wide variety of hazardous materials from a number of different sources, dumped there over several decades.
He said: “There is a great deal of municipal waste dumped there but there is also a certain amount of industrial waste from the old Gas Company and cinders from the original Poolbeg power station, which used to burn coal.
“The reclamation process began in the early 1940s until the late 1970s and I think the last dumping took place there around 1981.
“Another source of hazardous material is municipal dumping of every variety that lasted over 30 years and ended in the late 1970s.”

“People will be able to work, live and play in total safety in the future on these lands. In some cases, developers will be required to remove contaminated material and this would be done under the requirements of the Waste Management Act.”
She added that the redevelopment of previously contaminated lands is common practice and the authority has extensive experience in this type of work.

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