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@gunter wrote:

‘A walk across Dublin’s historic center is a walk through a series of interconnected rooms’.

Surely Dublin is one of the few European cities where this isn’t the case! I can’t think of two urban spaces in Dublin that are contextually complementary. You can find them within institutions, Dublin Castle (upper Castle Yard to Lower Castle Yard), Trinity (the smaller squares to parliement Sq.), but in the actual urban fabric?

I may have done this badly but I interpreted the “rooms” not as urban squares or spaces specifically. I interpreted it as collections of streets and micro-districts (almost corresponding to the DCC Environmental Traffic Cells). I’ll name a few to try and illustrate my point:

Grafton St and surrouding streets
The Clarendon/Exchequer/George;s/King St Block
Camden – Wexford street
The traditional Georgian Area / Office quarter in D2
O’Connell Bridge
College Green
plus Temple Bar and Docklands itself

It;s a very legible old City where distinct character areas cling together but remain different

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