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I’m not sure where to put it but this is the most recently active DDDA thread.

So the two disgraced directors of Anglo Irish Bank were also directors of the DDDA. Surprise, surprise Anglo was the most involved bank in the docklands and provided finance to pretty much every developer who built anything there. So the boys were both in charge of providing finance (through their personal fiefdom Anglo) and permission/direction of where to build (through their position in the DDDA) and even what to build (through their personal and indirect equity interest in various projects). In the US, they would have been clapped in irons and thrown in jail already but I’ve never heard of white collar crime being punished in this country.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories; I’m generally happy to ascribe to stupidity what others ascribe to conspiratorial malice but this entire affair is simply grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented. In other words, it stinks to high heaven.

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