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Brian: thanks for that (and I got beyond the second para. without passing out); I can see where you’re leading me, but I’m not sure I want to be seduced! You are pushing me back to the time before I became a virgin (as it were). I seem to recall that discussions about the ‘real’ value of land and property have been about forever and can lead into areas where you need to start from somewhere, i.e. you cannot start from nowhere as you suggest most ‘planners’ – in a generic sense – actually do. I have been criticised in these posts for introducing ideology (shock, horror), but it’s hard to see how you can avoid it. Rather than referencing other authors (academy, again) I prefer to argue things here from first principles and actual experience (not an unworthy starting point) rather than someone else’s research (influenced by the standpoint of the researcher).
I’ll reflect on what you say and get back to you.

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