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I agree with your Macro take on this; DCC shouldn’t be in a position where the reversionary interest wasn’t bought; they should used the many obvious flaws in the folio to their advantage to depress the price as no doubt Mr O’Gara did.

However on the sale I strobgly disagree that the site is for sale for over €100m in any real sense.

If I were advising a client on the sale of a major parcel of land you would be talking about instructing CRBE or JLL or DTZ i.e. a major player with a dedicated land division who has handled 9 figure transactions on a regular basis i.e. someone who is a market maker as well as an agent. In this instance we are supposed to believe that a local auctioneer in Terenure with no website listed in a google search is capable of securing such a sale.

A 9 figure deal

There is a couple of hours of good drama in this one

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