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@publicrealm wrote:

I do not think that the local residents are actually deprived with regard to acces to open space (I think Mountpleasant and Ranelagh Park are adjacent?)

There is only a tiny patch of public park in Mountpleasant Square – the rest is in private use as a tennis club. Ranelagh Gardens is available but it’s a fairly poor park – much of it is taken up with an oversized duckpond. In fact there is less public open space per head of population in Dublin South East than in any other part of Dublin. The immediate residents may be materially wealthy, but there are plenty of less well-off people living nearby for whom the park is an amenity.

@&quot wrote:

indeed it could be argued that it does very little in it’s current state. with the canal nearby there are enough places to just sit and think .

You’d have to go further down the canal to find a place to sit and think – there is no usable open space at the adjacent section of canal.

@&quot wrote:

yes but will he get a realistic price. The redeveloped land has a value of a minimum of 3/4 million, if say he built one house.

If he doesn’t get that they are stealing it off him.

He’ll get a decent price for it. In all likelihood the price he gets will reflect a “hope value” based on the dim possibility that one day it might be possible to secure permission for residential or commercial development on the site, even though its current zoning would rule this out. The current Z9 zoning of the site rules out any form of residential development.

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