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In other instances where landlords leave tenants in perilous situations where fires may occur, the landlord is prosecuted… What chances that happening to Gobshite O’Gara? 😡

Residents at Dartmouth Square ready to go into battle over state of park

By Cormac Murphy

Tuesday January 06 2009

BELEAGUERED Dartmouth Square residents have slammed the “appalling” condition of the park following a recent fire.

The residents claim the once-popular square in Ranelagh, D6, now looks more like a rubbish dump.

And they have promised the “gloves will come off” in their battle to restore the park as a public amenity.

A member of the Upper Leeson Street Area Residents Association said the association is angry with Dublin City Council over its handling of the saga.

In an incident just before Christmas, a 50-year-old man was taken to hospital and tents erected in the square were set alight.

Gardai and Dublin Fire Brigade were called to the scene and the assault victim was taken hospital.

“It’s really appalling — I can see this heap of burnt-out tents which have not been removed,” the residents committee member said.

“We have written to the city manager and the assistant city manager. The gloves have got to come off,” she added.

The fire incident was the latest controversy to hit Dartmouth Square since businessman Noel O’Gara bought the park for less than €10,000 more than three years ago. Mr O’Gara allowed the tents to be erected, claiming a gardener was living in one.

The council took Mr O’Gara to court and he was ordered to remove the tents and pay a fine of €1,000.

However, another tent appeared soon afterwards.

Labour’s Oisin Quinn said that, at one stage, at least four people were sleeping in the park.

In June last year, a court ordered that the assets of Mr O’Gara be seized unless he complied with a court order not to make unauthorised use of the square.

Cllr Quinn said the problems with Dartmouth Square stem from the failure of the council to complete a compulsory purchase order.

— cormac murphy

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