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@PVC King wrote:

This is farmland case law; do you know what you are talking about?

Please define injurious affection and severance seperatley; I had kind of considered going into the only other type of cpo compo o noffer business disturbance but what business distrubance could one attribute to not being able to operate a caravan selling tiles without planning permission; he’d owe money for the costs of not defending a prosecution for breach of planning law.

Noel please do not return to this forum

If you cannot understand you should not be questioning the knowledge of others.The principle of compensation should not be confused with the quantum.The use and zoning of land has to be factored, but so too must other equally valid factors. Its the amount of compensation that causes you to loose sleep. A jealous mind is hard to live with.
Your angst is displayed in your request that I do not return to the forum. So much for open debate! What you seek is a commitee of fools. Or maybe my earlier comparison with Mugabe was more apt than I first thought.

ps. How was I to explain injurious affection and severance to you if I were to agree to your request and not return to the forum. Private lessons would cost you.

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