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@hutton wrote:

South Dublin Labour Party councillor Oisín Quinn said locals were not happy with the council’s decision and that Dartmouth Square had become a health hazard. “It’s in appalling condition. The square is overgrown, full of rubbish and has become a place where people gather to drink.”

The public health acts and Derelict sites act seems the likely routes to go down now to re-open more traditional grounds for compulsory purchase; Should a cpo be undertaken the land if laid to waste as Cllr Quinn is suggesting could potentially have a negative value as the costs of reinstating and subsuquent inflated maintanance costs for the existing planting, trees and structures in a manner consistent with an ACA designation could be less than zero.

I’d further look for public liability insurance cover to be produced and the insurers views on incapacitated persons being present on the site in view of a highly litigious society most particularly when people under the influence damage themselves and we wouldn’t want to see people being hurt most particularly given that the individuals are likely to be underage drinkers.

What are DCC doing to protect young and vulnerable people from an unscrupulous landlord who is determined to use any negative to attempt to pester the residents into submission?

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