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I have no doubt that Cllr Quinn and the rest of the council majority shall question Mr. Tierney on this issue; no doubt with all party support.

I have no idea where the €20m figure comes from as the maximum permission that could have been secured could have been for a lone single storey cottage which was modelled loosely on the park rangers lodge at St Stephens Green.

Then came Bear Stearns and the complete collapse of residential land prices in the very limited number of tranactions taking place. Now is the time to serve the notice to treat as the price will be based upon the value on the date the notice is served long before prices recover.

Depending upon the scale of the price a choice can be made later whether the council considers the purchase to be in the public interest and whether it is prudent to complete based upon the award which lets face it will be based upon:

The worst speculative residential land development funding background in 30 years; that the subject property is situate in a conservation area and bounded on all sides by period railings, that the land is zoned amenity, that the title is subject to a lease and that there will no access for plant based upon the tree preservation order. Put simply you would have extreme difficulty placing a single dwelling within the site let alone delivering 100 clear sites to reach €20m based upon €200k per site.

I strongly hope that all party consensus emerges and that all councillors for Pembroke, Rathmines and South Inner City set up a cross party meeting as now is the time to get Tierney up off his backside. Bewleys was also a market reason why it was beyond preservation and Quinn delivered in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders; the question is can Chris Andrews?

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