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@murphaph wrote:

The worst problem is the awful stench from the decomposing mud in the summer. The weir would solve that. Your point makes little sense to me, it seems to claim that it’s good to know what sort of material has been dumped into the Liffey, even though no attempt is made to removed the stuff-

Did you honestly consider that I was claiming that it’s good to see what has been dumped into the river. My point was that raising the level like that would hide the current rubbish. And due to some of the lower bridges, the level could only be raise to a point. But all the crap would continue to build up.

The idea would help with the unsightly stains and mud. But all the dam would achieve would be a consent high tide liffey. And the current liffey is still very far from beautiful at high tide. The river is better at high tide, but I would find it hard to believe that the average high tide could “encourage people to take in the liffey”.

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