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@tomk wrote:

Read in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post that the Cornmarket development is scheduled to be completed in October. Does anyone know what tenants will be occupying the units? I heard H&M and Zara being mentioned in the past.

Also in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post was a half page article on the ongoing dispute between the Community for Sustainable Development group and the Cork City Manager, Joe Gavin regarding the 3 storey height cap in the suburbs.

Following on from that article, Joe Gavin gave a written assurance at tonight’s Council meeting that following the CSD and Councillors demands on the issue;

“City Council does not now support developments over three storeys in the suburbs where the predominant form is two storeys”

“When this issue was last discussed I indicated the approach which was been taken and which was generally in line with the motion passed by Council”

“It was also agreed that any amendments required to the City Development will be made following the adoption of the Wilton LAP”

:rolleyes: Further bungalow bliss in Cork?

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