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kite wrote:
Also in yesterday&#8217]

I’m very much in two minds on the issue. Clearly densities in the city have to increase to avoid excessive suburban sprawl, but I do think that areas along existing transport corridors – especially railway lines – should be prioritised over piecemeal building of 5-storey buildings at random locations in the suburbs. I’m also concerned that allowing densities to develop in the suburbs disencourages investment in the docklands, where taller builings are appropriate.

In suburban areas, I’d like to see development of three-storey terraced houses, which provide decent-sized family living accommodation, but at a higher density than is there currently.

Two final points on it. Even if there is a cap, three storeys is way too low. There are plenty of buildings above that height in Douglas, Mahon and Bishopstown already.

Given that there’s hardly any building land left inside the city limits, it’s hardly going to lead to bungalow bliss.

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