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had a look at the proposed routes, and i do think that the city needs a northern ring route badly – this will be essential as an integral part of the city and region’s strategic network and will have a major role in the rebalancing of the city – physically and economically. However, it will only benefit the city if it is delivered in conjunction with the proposed suburban rail service from midleton/cobh via the city to Blarney/Mallow. It could assist in delivering an essential part of CASP – the re-focussing of the city north and east and would greatly encourage the realsisation of Monard as a new urban centre and railway station development.

the south ring route is already at capacity and the kinsale road flyover will not improve movements around the city to any great degree.

btw lexington, the environmental costs of tunnelling are relatively minor in comparison to the alternatives of cutting through those city ridges at kerry pike/lee valley. also these 3 options may be more acceptable in terms of the impact on archaeology. route d (the only one that doesnt include tunnelling) is sited far too close to the northern city suburbs and would become an M50 equivalent within 15 years and effectively a distributor road with more and more junctions added as time goes on and development pressures swallow the route.

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