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Angry Rebel

@lawyer wrote:

No need to get ‘uppity’
What is shown on your map as Anderson’s Quay (on the right) is, in fact, the North Custom House Quay. (See Port of Cork website if you want confirmation).
As a matter of interest, what is shown as ‘Albert St.’ on your map is Michael Collins Bridge,’ Penrose Quay’ is a continuation of St. Patrick’s Quay and ‘Horgan’s Quay is Penrose Quay.

I’m not getting uppity, frankly this isn’t going to make me lose sleep!

Suffice to say…it’ll be docking at a point below Michael Collins bridge, either north or south bank! An argument beyond this point is merely semantics. Blame Google for their mapping if you disagree with the naming, but it’s not “my” map, I just referred to it…

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