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I think he was squeezed out by two factors:

1) Micheal McGrath did stunningly well based on the fact that he’s a TD for Carrigaline (and sorrounds). He took a lot of 1st and 2nd pref. votes that would have relligated votes for Boyle to 3 and 4.
McGrath also took on a lot of Boyles policies, e.g. calling for a Cork Luas.
I think a lot of younger voters in those areas in particular would have been more likely to have given Boyle a preference

2) The Fianna Fail & Fine Gael presidential style race ‘Bertie V Enda’. It squeezed the Greens everywhere. Fine Gael and Labour did extremely well in South Central and sadly, it was at the expense of a Green Party seat.

He could have done more constituency work, but I don’t really think he had much of a chance given how things played out.

I’m hoping McGrath lives up to his promises and actually does put pressure on to ensure that Cork’s transport issues are addressed. I think his electorate will hold him accountable as there are a lot of commuters in Carrigaline and south cork generally who will be extremely annouyed if he doesn’t deliver.

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