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The government has messed up transport on a grand scale with the DAA leading the charge for stupidity with Martin Cullen a daily farce.

Cork city has a quality of life that most Dubliners could only dream of and yes they do take it for granted down here.

1. I completely agree with the first part so the only way to get rid of Martin is by giving a gesture to Fianna Fail i.e.dont vote for them.

2. We dont take it for granted at all. I personally think its a basic right and you cannot compare what Cork should be to Dublins miserably failed transport. The amount of money wasted is only phenomenal. Let the politicians make the policy so they feel they are doing something, then send in a private company on a fixed price contract with bonus scheme to finish early, penalties if they finish late and see what happens. Cork is an excellent sized city that could have transport sorted out very easily. If we “whinge” its because the only way it seems to get a redult is to complain loudly enough.

Cork has been failed on
1. Airport Debt promise – fail, a project cost over run by none other than the DAA themselves, while on the same day SIX HUNDRED MILLION was to buy out a toll bridge on a acontract signed by Pee Flynn and George Redmond, those bastions of good planning
2. Kent Station redevelopment – fail/farce with no bus/rail integration
3. Kinsale roundabout 9 years late and not on time and under budget as the politicos seem to think
4. Bandon flyover funding pulled – fail
5. Sarsfield flyover funding pulled – fail
6. Fermoy bypass – white elephant
7. Docklands – fail
8. Nightlink – non existent
9. Midleton railway – signed months late, reannounced several times and now will be ANOTHER year late

And you wonder why we give out?

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