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How perceptive of you, Angry Rebel. My letter in the Indo (and a variant also published in de paper) was indeed intended to raise the hackles of the citizens of Whingeing Langerland aka Cork. It was inspired by Roy Keane’s latest untimely moan/rant on the eve of a critical qualifier for the national team. The airport terminal was merely a convenient target, lift almost any stone and you’ll find a cork moaner feeling hard done by. Why should the rest of the country have to put up with this schizophrenic superiority/inferiority complex? Incidentally, the Indo edited out the best part of my letter , which originally closed with the following sentiment: “Whingeing langers, the lot of them!”. Regards, Peter

Your ignorance is profound and can hopefully be due to a juvenile rant based on either ignorance,alcohol or both.

As I have moved here from Dublin 6 years ago which by the way has all the hassles of a big capital city with NONE of the conveniences whilst if the government never ever again invests in the city and county of Cork (we do pay a substantial ammount of tax to the nation ) .The government has messed up transport on a grand scale with the DAA leading the charge for stupidity with Martin Cullen a daily farce.

Cork city has a quality of life that most Dubliners could only dream of and yes they do take it for granted down here.

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