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@jungle wrote:

I never understood why the motorway network had to so closely mirror the existing road network.

If you’d created a motorway from Dublin that went west of Carlow and east of Kilkenny and then split for Cork and Waterford with another motorway going west that would split for Limerick and Waterford at some point in the Midlands, you could have achieved the same coverage for much less motorway built. Instead, we have to get motorways that follow almost the exact route of the N6, 7, 8, 9 etc where there were already decent enough roads.

Actually that was the way that the road used to go until thirty or forty years ago. I calculated that it would be an extra thirty or so miles to go from cork to dublin that way. That makes an overall saving of 50 miles (give or take 20 miles) of road that would have to be built.

How much does a DC cost per mile?

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