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@Pug wrote:

Theres a terrible low benchmark set in Ireland when it comes to these road projects, I utterly disagree with saying things like its ok that the roads should be delayed until the interurbans are done. If thats the case then the interurbans should have been started and completed by now.

I dont believe a word of it when politicians announce projects as coming in ahead of schedule and under budget Where was the detailed schedule published? where was the detailed budget for taxpayers money? what happens to the money thats saved when its under budget?

Martin Cullen is sitting on the Railway order because FF have NOTHING else to promise Cork except a delayed Midleton railway that they have announced over and over. They are under pressure now with the airport fiasco

They seem to have “dug a hole” for themselves in Cork and anecdotally everyone I speak to sems to be planning on voting Green in Cork ?

Get out the cheque book Bertie or at least get it off Brian Cowan – do they realise that its our money in the first place ?

Fianna Fail have shot themselves in the foot in Cork.

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