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@Praxiteles wrote:

From this morning’s quondam Cork Examiner:

27 February 2007

Flights of fancy

DUBLIN Airport needs a second terminal and Cork has a fully operational spare one. Ryanair has clearly indicated its desire to take over the old terminal — and the Cork Airport Authority has a rather large loan to repay.

Surely it’s a no-brainer? Ryanair flies to 27 destinations from Shannon and only four from Cork.

Kevin Dwyer
Co Cork

🙂 I agree with Mr.Dwyer.
Sorry for being a party pooper here BUT, Knock Airport is now run by what would be described as a truly independent airport authority, and has all the signs of it (transatlantic flights, running a profit etc). Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Cork, a company that lost 5.8 million last year alone (10 years @ 5.8 = 58 mil + 100 mil dept = 158 mil), how long would the taxpayer tolerate this waste of funds?
Cork is getting a brand new airport for the knock down sum of 100 million…how long would the queue of entrepreneurs be if this bargain was offered on the open market?

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