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From this morning’s quondam Cork Examiner:

23 February 2007

Airport the victim of policy u-turn

THE news that Cork Airport Authority (CAA) is to be saddled with a €100 million debt in exchange for freedom from control by the Dublin Airport Authority (Irish Examiner, February 20) flies in the face of the Government’s own plans for regional development.

In his statement establishing the three independent airport authorities — Shannon, Dublin and Cork — former Transport Minister Seamus Brennan clearly stated that the debt-free start would lead to the independent airports being able to “compete with each other and vigorously pursue new business free from central control”.

Are we to take it now that the Government does not want this?

Does it not want three competing airports, but one main airport and two smaller versions too crippled with debt to compete on equal terms?

If it is the case that the debt is to be divided in this way, then shouldn’t CAA request its share of revenue from the sale of the Great Southern hotels and other former Aer Rianta assets?

Shouldn’t the assets, as well as the debt, be shared by the new authorities?

Senator John Minihan has been very vocal in his opposition to imposing this debt on Cork, but it has to be remembered there are two senior PD ministers in the cabinet that took this decision.

No doubt the PDs and Fianna Fáil candidates in Cork will feel the backlash come the summer election.

Eoin Lettice

3 Nicholas Court

Travers Street


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