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All airports survive on a matrix of charges most of them landside so even if a particular amount of airside income is foregone revenues will be increased.

For example if a couple fly from SNN to STN on a two day break they will probably deposit their car for two days in the carpark then buy a coffee thus underpinning the rental income from the rented units at the airport.

The real problem for SNN are the staffing levels which have no doubt swollen on political considerations over the past decades. SNN possess one major asset which is its runway and good road transport links; its future is freight and whatever other business they can bring in.

Its current deficet is doing serious damage to the prospects of the other former Aer Rianta airports and it must stand on its own two feet.

With Cork I think that its future is similar to Dublin’s as it serves two distinct markets i.e. business / leisure and budget therefore the medium end should be serviced out of the new terminal and if sufficient landside capacity exists and only if the capacity exists then Ryanair and any other budget airline that looks viable should be encouraged by way of incentives to increase passenger numbers so that landside income increases.

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