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prediction: CAA to get dumped with the debt (i.e. FF to break its promise) , Ryanair to let them all run around in circles, then come in with cut price offer for old terminal, in one swoop CAA can reduce their 100m debt and ryanair open up europe

Just to say I’m not sure having Ryanair flying out of your airport is necessarily good for it or the customers (long term anyway). Depends on what terms you have Ryanair there on. For example I don’t know but suspect the Shannon deal isn’t working out well for that airport. Ryanair’s deal with them is outrageous – a €1 landing charge or something. It doesn’t surprise me then to hear Shannon made an operating loss last month and would have made a yearly loss in 2006 except for our state sponsorship of US terrorism in the middle east. In fairness to the CAA i think they’ve actually rejected Ryanair to date as Ryanair have offered them a similarly lousy deal. That said, I am envious of all the shannon routes….but I do wonder if they’ll disappear when the current deal is up.

I’d actually be interested to know if anyone can shed light on whether Shannon is happy with how the deal is panning out……..

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