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bosco wrote:
Kite, you’re pretty much on the ball with everything so far, but I can’t agree with the popular concept of “let Ryanair take over the old terminal and everything will be great.”

The old terminal is, well, old]

😎 Bosco, I take your point regarding Ryanair and I fully agree with most if not all of your concerns. It really is a case of “the devil you know” and in the case of Ryanair for all there faults at least the “devil” is independent as opposed to political appointments.
DAA, CAA, it really does not matter much who runs the airport, both have their lips firmly attached to the Governments backside if tonight’s Echo’s front page is true. (the jockeys have changed horses but the whip remains etc)
Is it not ironic that even in death CJH can still have an influence on Board appointments?
:rolleyes: The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh??

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