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It’s not as though Dublin is the only place you can connect when flying into Cork. Heathrow is obviously a possibility and you could always fly Cork-Amsterdam direct and hire a car. It would probably turn out faster than hanging round airports waiting for connections.

The one thing that is annoying with the connection in Dublin is that now that it’s Aer Arann and Ryanair on the route, you don’t get checked through.

BTW Aer Lingus have now started using the only airbridge at Cork Airport.

Hethrow was always a nightmare when trying to make connections to anywhere – especially if the conncetion time was anyway tight; Paris CDG was not too bad until they filled in the open-plan of the original airport with all sorts of security checks thus reducing mobility and customer flow within the airport; Amsterdam was not bad but Aer Lingus connections to Cork were never at the right time.; the Munich route to Cork has been killed off. Very soon, I expect that it will be a good deal easier to fly into Knock or Farranfore in Kerry from German destinations than into Cork.

Glad to hear that progress has been made with the one and only airbridge in Cork Airport. Its use by Aer Lingus must have engendeded the same amount of awe that such an event would have triggered in the upper stretches of the Limpopo. We are getting there……

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