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Its required for a few reasons Chris – the Amgen plant and the Castlerock developments are going to entail flyovers and development along the margin, and the Railway development is going to have an impact on local roads anyways – better to do it all at once, and properly.

Also, theres around 36,000 vehicle movements a day on that road at that point (and over 50k beyond Little Island) – only a matter of time before there is a very serious accident involving those non grade separated junctions. There are accidents on the road regularly enough as it stands. They should probably even consider going to three lanes on that stretch – given the volume of traffic Amgen and all the building in Midleton is going to generate. Remember the SLAP forecast over 21,000 people living in Midleton by 2020*.

* The 2006 cenus gave 26,663 in the RD (which does go to the coast) and nearly 4k in the town.

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