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Ah so! Then we have an equivalent to a frost-free highway in tropical Africa!! Dare I say a white elephant!!

I think that remains to be seen. From next summer, Central Wings will have 10 flights a week into Cork with rumours of further expansion to come. So, we’d be looking at 14 scheduled flights.

Then a number of charter operators would also use the airbridge.

It is also necessary (although multiple airbridges is arguable necessary) if they are trying to attract a transatlantic operator.

The real key is to get Aer Lingus to start using it.

At the moment, the charge to use the airbridge is 66% higher than in Dublin. Airport management need to ask themselves whether the extra revenue obtained by getting Aer Lingus to use it would be worth dropping the price. Considering Aer Lingus are operating 12 flights a day* into Cork, the small amount of revenue lost from other airlines makes this a no-brainer for me.

*Although it is worth remembering that a number of these arrive/depart at similar times, so they couldn’t all use the same airbridge.

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