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dont agree with that at all, definitely some vested interest or something. Theres a lot of airlines pulling out of Cork already and Ryanair arent based there at all. Perhaps its because 140m was spent on a lovely looking highly impractical airport that has no viewing gallery, no airbridges, long waits for baggage and a long long walk to the terminal where you climb stairs to get in

I totally agree.
I have been at the airport several times over the weekend meeting family. The building was over specified.
Daughter with two small children walking up several flights of stairs to enter the terminal. Buggies arriving at different locations to the rest of the luggage. If they had saved a few millions on the roof beams they might have had some money for a viewing gallery – or even a few seats other than those in the eating areas. [Not to mind €4.50 for a pint of lager]

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