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This is from today’s Examiner and it makes interesting reading for several reasons. Firstly, this E139m investment number is the first I have heard of it. It sounds impressive, but I would love to know what exactly it includes since the only major investment is the reopening of the Glounthaune to Midleton line. Surely the line reopening and ancillary works don’t add up to 139m. I know it includes work on other stations, but as far as I know, the railcars will be cast offs from the Arrow network.
Secondly, what bridge built on stilts are they talking about?
And thirdly, one has to love the part about the bees! Methinks the only bees who sting in Cork are the elected representatives…..

Iarnród Éireann plans closure of three level crossings in rail plan


A lot of the 139mil is going on the lower glanmire road bridge.

That covers your second point too ][/url]

This site lists all the works to be carried out ->

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