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@Micko wrote:

I drove through Watergrasshill tonight and the traffic was very heavy. Prob more on the old road than on the new bypass.

Anyone know what Fermoy was like during the week ?

Also, bringing down the speed limit on the old rod to 80kph is a farce. Why were the by-laws for speed limits on local roads brought in if they aren’t going to be used.

Traffic congestion in Fermoy has eased considerably since the opening of the by-pass. It is now possible to cross from one side of the town to the other withouit taking up to 20-30 minutes to do so.

On the other hand, the number of lorries passing through the town is still relatively high. The speed restriction on the old section of the road is being read locally as an “official” tactic to discourage traffic from using the old road and as an “incentive” to use the tolled part of the new road. So, the guardians of the peace in Fermoy are currently opeating something akin to another toll system on the old road – just like the robber barons on the medieval Rhine. We await, however, to see if the Blackwater will not produce its equivalennt of the Rheinmaedchen to help us ford its treppant floss.

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