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change will only come from progressive political will and as i mentioned before, when a local td congratulates a flyover for being 10 years late – we are doomed. Railways are joke, light rail in Cork between all the major suburbs wont happen within 10 years so I argue that more frequent smaller buses on QBC’s, with an integrated bus/rail ticket system, to designated transport hubs at the edge of the city is the only option left. For cycling etc, companies would have to buy into it to put in showers etc and car pooling would be hugely beneficial and very do-able with a bit of push from the govt and a tax credit or something for the company but with someone like Dick Roche at the helm (he who wouldnt have an incinerator in his constituency but doesnt mind one in ours), not a hope.

For a city to ADMIT in it’s City Development Plan that, “Green Bus Routes shall be dedicated traffic lanes where feasible” speaks volumes for the brains behind planning public transport in Cork. God help us one and all.

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