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a boyle

i must repeat an earlier post. Upgrading roads is in general the worst thing you can do with your money.

Very simply if you upgrad a junction or whatever so that it can cope with an extra 100 cars per hour , you will end up with an extra 110 cars per hour.

Just look at corks histrory (or dublin’s ) as we have built more roads the traffic has gotten worse . It is mad but that is how it is. If you want fast roads you have to charge people to use them . plain and simple.

And you have to charge people a lot. Consider would you still have the same traffic jams if you charged a fiver through the tunnel ? People might object but have they considered the time they waste sitting in their cars .

Say you are paid 30 euros an hour . well if you spend an hour going to work , wouldn’t it be in your interest to pay a five euro toll and so only spend ten minutes commuting and work for fifty minutes ? You are up anyway ?

don’t follow dublin experience it is a bad bad experience. you need group transport group living and group working : a city

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