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Angry Rebel

You keep harping on about Cork and Dublin not being able to take the traffic. That’s a good point, but it’s not a reason to not build DC/motorway between the two biggest population centres in the state. DC all the way could save drivers probably 3/4 hour, an hour or more at peak times. If that means spending 5 minutes more in traffic in Newlands Cross (not Naas, don’t know why you keep mentioning that) then you’re still 40 minutes quicker.

Now don’t start whinging about trains, everyone on this thread thinks more and better trains is a better idea, but they are not a magic bullet (in fact most Iarnroid Eireann services are a far cry from bullets…!) As for 2+1 roads, forget it. Insisting those are suitable for 1 of the busiest routes in the country is just retarded, and strips all your comments of any credibilty, including any good points that you do make.

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