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All four corners of the Ardee Street / Coombe Relief Road crossroads are currently having new development. Two of the corners are complete (the northeast and southwest), one is under construction (the northwest), and the last one (the southeast) has just had local authority planning approval.

This building (above and below) is one of the two completed corners (northeast). I actually like it. It’s broken up well and creates a bit of visual interest. It’s not going to win any awards, but something has to fill these large development sites in the city.

It incorporates refurbishment of a couple of Georgian-house stragglers on Ardee Street, which you can see below. Although the new building is two stories taller than these Georgians, it is ok in this instance because you are moving from a narrow street onto a very broad street, and the new building maintains the rhythm of the older buildings.


I’ve seen the plans for the two corners not yet completed and, to a greater or lesser extent, they achieve a reasonable standard of urban regeneration development. The real problem is this thing (above and below), on the southwest corner. It is a BLOATED MONSTROUS LUMP OF DEVELOPER RUBBISH. Is stuff like this not coming before senior planners in the council, you have to ask?

Just look at the way it ignorantly hangs its seven stories right in front of the fine 3-storey Georgian brewer’s house on Ardee Street. No effort at all to integrate…

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