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While i do like a bit of variety in design to break up a steetscape, the last time i walked up here i noticed an overwhelming lack of unity amongst all the new developments, totally disjointed and broken up, no flow to the street, just random buildings shouting out. That overhang is so unneccassary too!!!!, the whole set back top storey is so unsuitable for that building. One thing that really annoys me about the majority of new developments is the complete lack of character on the ground floor, usually just some kind of polished stone/marble and sheet glass… plain and simple, no personality or style, this is our street, why does it have to be so bland, shopfronts on the old style individual buildings usually have very individual styled fronts, now its one monotonous block of repeated bland shopfronts, where has the joy gone in architecture,? no flair, no personality, no room for adaptation, no fun is to be found on street level. Think Camden street, then think of how bland street level on this development will be.

Also in the second picture, wouldn’t the side leading into the georgians have fitted in much nicer without that silly piece of wood between the 2 windows, completely puts it at odds with the georgians when it could have so easily fitted in.

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