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Yes, the copper with raised seams is so often dragged out for a bit of “visual interest” – but, as with so many things, all depends on how it’s used. The deBlacam & Meagher mews on Waterloo Lane, D4 is a great example of its use.

Better give the designers of the above building (with copper section) a mention – Lafferty Design.

Coombe area:
Although it had already lost a lot of its older fabric, the area was still reeking with character and history before the road went through & all the apartments went up. I took photos around the area in 2000, and the change in its appearance even since then is remarkable.

Every effort should be made to integrate in a sympathetic fashion the older houses of the area into new development, which is why it’s such a pity about the above monster facing that brown-stocked Georgian.

As part of the planned development at the southeast corner – where the brown-stocked Georgian is – an interesting glass and stone link will resolve the problem of the butchered gable of the Georgian, and connect to more buildings fronting the relief road. The link is built to parapet height of the Georgian…a bit of care has been taken…But that 7-storey yoke has really done its worst 🙁 .

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